The summer break before college was one of my best ones ever. I was done with high school, and I was getting ready to conquer the world. It was 2 months of freedom, it was all about deciding who you want to be in college, what you want to do for the rest of your life, and just party like a rock star.

In 2001, Apple released the first-ever iPod which had 5 gigabytes of memory, or 1000 songs in your pocket. I also happened to enter high school in 2001, the gadget craze then was having a nice Nokia phone that’s paired with your iPod. Everyone wanted both.

I told myself that when I get an iPod, I’ll be happy, I don’t need another gadget. And in 2005, when I was entering college, my parents gave me an iPod Video, the first iPod that had 30gb of memory, cool LCD and can play movies! I can use it while I’m commuting. I was so happy for 3 weeks, until I realized that I needed a newer phone, and then a lighter laptop for projects and papers that I needed to make.

This cycle didn’t end in college when I started working, I wanted more experience where I can only get from traveling, so I would save up and spend my savings on a travel weekend with friends.

You know what happened to me? I eventually fell into financial debt, and the sad things were, my heart was never fulfilled.

You see, I’m from the Millenial generation where our focus is “experience” and getting what we feel we deserve, that’s why we don’t like to invest because we believe it’s all worth it, that’s why so many generations hate us.

The sad thing is that, I’m not the only one who has wasted so much money on temporary things such as gadgets, I’ve coached and mentored a lot of millennials about this issue. Today, I’m getting better financially, and my goal is to also help millennials and the upcoming generations to be free from copying the mistakes we did.

My dear overcomer reader, you most probably belong to the Generation Z, or EDGERS, because you like living on the EDGE. Unlike Millennials, you care a lot about equality, financial stability and want to help others succeed. Just in case you are a Gen Y or Baby Boomer, don't laugh at us, we actually need your help.

This is because a lot of edgers grew up during the recession that hit the world in a big way, you are more open-minded on how the world works, and find a more practical way of succeeding in your life.

Here are a few tips that I would like to share with you so that you can be better than us, and when you become rich, I urge you to help others become rich as well:

1. Glorify

Everything comes from God, Glorify Him, and be grateful for everything he blesses you with.

Make this your morning habit, wake-up and write everything that you are thankful for to God. It’s going to keep you grounded, while fuel you to keep on pushing to get to reach your dreams.

You need this when you make mistakes because it’ll help you not give up on life.

2. Grow

Money does not just arrive so never spend everything immediately, find ways to grow your money. The younger you are, the better time to start. I pray that you’ll be the youngest millionaire in the Philippines.

Grow your talents and knowledge so you can also grow your capacity to make money. Never stop moving forward, whether you succeed or fail, you just have to keep going.

3. Give

When you help others with what you have, it’ll create a cycle of abundance in your life.

Share your ideas, help others succeed, never be selfish with what you have, and one day it’ll come back to bless you.

Money is not something you abuse, throw away or run away from, money is your tool that you master so that one day it can be a weapon to help you with live your best life.

I prophesy this, one day, you’ll be more successful than me, and together we’ll help each other make this world a better place.

I believe in you.

The best is yet to come,

JPaul Hernandez

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